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Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Simon Transport, LLC has a solid team of professionals that boast a tremendous range of transportation, financial, and technology experience, providing the management, sales and operational strength that allow us to offer exceptional customer service.


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Basic Information

  • DOT# 1287445
  • DUNS 18-559-6009

Proud Members of:

  • National Motor Freight Traffic Association
  • UIIA (Uniform Intermodal Interchange Agreement)
  • Utah Trucking Association (UTA)
  • Utah Manufacturers Association (UMA)


Lyn Simon founded Simon Transport, LLC in September 2004. In this position, he is in charge of driving the company's strategy, infusing the company with his extensive transportation background, and increasing the scope and value of services provided to our customers.

Lyn began his transportation career in 1980 at Dick Simon Trucking, Inc., a North American, temperature-controlled carrier that was once the 6th largest in the country. Throughout his 21 years at Dick Simon Trucking, Inc., Lyn helped the company grow from 20 to 2,300 tractors. Lyn also held various senior positions including Operations Manager, and VP of Sales.

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