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How do Hurricanes Affect the Trucking Industry?

How do hurricanes affect the trucking industry?

We understand the logistics when it comes to localized shipping and delivery in areas affected by a hurricane or other natural disaster… Before the storm, the focus is on moving freight into the area to assist with emergency preparedness, as well as moving freight out of the area to avoid damage and loss. During the…

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5 Things Every Driver Needs in Their Rig

Life and work on the road are often unpredictable. To maintain your health, comfort, and safety on the job, it’s important to pack a few essential items. Below is a list of five things every trucker should have in their vehicle. 1.Emergency Kit Be prepared for the worst, just in case. Your emergency kit should…

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How to Troubleshoot 3 Diesel Engine Issues

Engine trouble is one of the most frustrating issues truckers encounter while on the road—it’s also one of the most common. Some engine problems are too complex or dangerous to fix without the expertise and tools of a professional mechanic. But there are many issues you can fix on your own. Before you call a…

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Cameras Helping Defend Truckers in Court

It used to be that whenever a truck was involved in a collision, the trucking company could end up paying regardless of whether the driver was at fault. SmartDrive is changing that. The new technology involves video cameras located in the truck and the cab. The cameras face forward toward the road and inward toward…

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Drive Safely With These Winter Weather Tips

Winter weather is upon us, and with it are unpredictable driving conditions. With snow and ice, high winds and freezing temperatures, even routine routes have the potential to become treacherous. Stay safe on the road this season with the following winter driving tips courtesy of Roadmaster. 1)Be prepared Winter weather can be unpredictable. Live by…

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5 Tips for Preventing Freight Theft

Though not as popularized as the lore of Santa’s international overnight deliveries, real-life freight deliveries are just as important in driving the holiday season. Truck drivers work diligently to deliver toys and goodies on time for Christmas; but even the season of good cheer isn’t immune to the wickedness of would-be thieves. The month of…

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